Tips for Cleaning Footy Jerseys

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Whether you play soccer for a bit of fun with your mates or as an athlete, you are bound to get stains on your jersey. This is a rigorous sport and messing up your footy jersey is part and parcel of engaging in it. However, when your jersey acquires stains, simply throwing it in the wash will not suffice. This is how it ends up looking old and dirty over time, as you are not addressing the different stains appropriately. Here are some handy tips for cleaning footy jerseys. Do not let the dirt sit The most common mistake people make when it comes to cleaning footy jerseys is procrastination. Letting the jersey stay in the laundry hamper for days on end just gives the stains time to better embed themselves into the fibres. As such, it is always best to deal with your dirty jersey as soon as you can, preferably the same day after you are done with your football match. The sooner it is cleaned, the easier it will be to eliminate stains. Getting rid of grass stains Grass stains may be considered a badge of honour as it indicates your enthusiasm during the match. However, if this is your best footy jersey, leaving it unattended will leave you with a less than attractive jersey when you are going for big games. The first thing to do when trying to get rid of grass stains is concocting a mixture of white sugar and water. Mix the two until they form a pasty consistency. Once this is done, use a soft bristled toothbrush to rub the mixture right into the grass stains. Let the mixture sit on the stains for a short while before tossing the jersey in the washing machine. Do not rinse off the sugar paste, and just launder it as usual. Getting rid of red clay stains Another common stain that footy jerseys acquire is dirt or red clay depending on your playing field. To get rid of these stains, you first have to try to eliminate as much loose debris as you can. This can be done by lightly scraping the stained areas. Take note that you should do this in the direction of the weave of the fabric so as not to mistakenly embed the debris further into your footy jersey. The next step would be to concoct a mixture of white vinegar and salt. Pour the solution onto the stains and let the jersey sit undisturbed for a while. If the stain is not disintegrating, you can soak the jersey into a mixture of water and ammonia. Substitute the ammonia with bleach if the jersey is white in colour. After soaking it, you can then launder it as usual in your washing...

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4 Gifts To Encourage A Sick Friend

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If you have a friend who’s working through an illness, you may feel helpless as you see them suffering. It’s natural to want to take their pain away, but there’s often very little other people can do to contribute to a person’s journey back to health. What you can do is encourage your friend during this dark time in their life by giving them a gift that will support them in a practical way or simply lift their spirits on a particularly bad day. Here are four gift ideas for encouraging a sick friend: Flowers Illness can leave you stuck indoors, so sending your friend a bright bouquet of flowers is a good way of bringing some natural beauty into their home. This is an especially fitting gift if they are a fan of scenic walks or outdoor pursuits and are missing getting out and experiencing all the season has to offer. Choose flowers that are in season and ensure their favourite colours are included in the bouquet to let them know you really thought about them as a person when you ordered their bouquet. A florist shop like Flowers Of Paradise can help you put together the perfect bouquet for your friend and even deliver it for you if you’d like. A Meal Illness can strip you of your usual routine and leave you too tired or sick to cook. Additionally, frequent hospital appointments and the side effects of prescription medication or recovering from surgery can make shopping for and preparing healthy meals the last thing on your mind. Preparing a homemade meal or two for your friend is a very practical way of supporting them during a difficult time. Make something they can freeze if they don’t feel like eating when you deliver the meal to them, as this will ensure they have something healthy to thaw and reheat on a tough day. Themed Gift Basket Nights in tend to go hand-in-hand with sickness, so consider making your friend a movie night or pamper night gift basket to turn a mundane evening into a fun or relaxing one. Items such as a new film, luxurious moisturiser, a book by their favourite author, a revitalising face mask, and a scented candle are sure to be appreciated. Cleaning Voucher Much like grocery shopping and cooking, being sick can leave you too drained to keep up your usual cleaning routine. This can be discouraging if you have to spend a lot of your time at home and it’s not being maintained to your usual high standards. Why not save your friend from feeling down about their home environment by gifting them a voucher to have the whole house cleaned? This can make them feel a bit better about being stuck indoors, and they won’t be worrying about how behind they are with the housework for a while. These are just a few examples of gifts that can really make a difference to your friend’s day and let them know you’re thinking about them. When choosing a gift, remember to make it personal and relevant by keeping your friend’s personality, passions and likes in...

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Why Update Your Store’s Point Of Sale Equipment And Programming?

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Your store’s point of sale or POS equipment refers to the equipment you use that allows customers to pay; many decades ago, this was typically just a cash register. Today it often includes an electronic scanner that allows customers to pay by credit or debit card, with the transaction being immediately recorded. If you haven’t updated your store’s POS equipment in some years, you might note some features that are now available and how they can benefit your business and your customers. 1. Receipt control For smaller stores or those that often sell low-value items, you may hear your cashiers constantly asking customers if they want their receipt, and may see unwanted receipts piled up in the trash. Today’s POS equipment can allow cashiers or even customers to note if they want a paper receipt before it’s printed. In some cases an electronic receipt can be sent to the customer’s email address after they enter it. This may seem like a small point but the amount of money you would save on paper for your receipts can add up over time, not to mention cutting back on trash in your store and the waste of paper production for unwanted receipts. 2. Digital signage Your POS equipment will tell customers what they’ve just purchased, but it can also encourage impulse buys and additional purchases as well, if you use digital signage. This is ad space that is used on the keypad or screen that your customers see. It will advertise items they can add to their purchase at checkout, or it might direct them to a website for other special deals. This can increase impulse sales or return customers, as they may be more likely to remember sales offers that they receive right before walking out of the store rather than signage they see well before they begin to shop. 3. Self service For small food service stations and specialty coffee shops, self service POS systems can allow customers to punch in their own order and specifications and then pay at the same time. This can reduce their wait time as they are not standing in line to order and then waiting to pay once the order is prepared. It also reduces the risk of human error on the part of servers, since the customer specifies their order on a screen. These self service stations can even accept cash and dispense change and this reduces a risk of a clerk’s error in handling cash. For more information, contact a company like Austech Weighing Pty...

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Features to Look for in a Gun Safe

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If you own any long guns (rifles and shotguns), you are required by law to keep them properly stored when they are not in use. By law, you must keep firearms in a locked cabinet that meets all specified requirements as per government regulations. There are many different types of gun safes available, and they range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. When it comes to choosing a gun safe, here are some of the most important features to look for. Size & Weight The interior of the gun safe should be a minimum of about a meter and a half high and at least half a meter wide. This will give you plenty of room to store multiple firearms. The safe should also be heavy—around 350 kilograms is considered a good weight for a gun safe. This will ensure that no one can easily remove it from your home. Locks Make sure that you invest in a gun safe that is extremely hard for anyone without a key or combination can get into. It should have additional armour to keep anyone from being able to drill through, and it should have high quality locks. There should also be a relocker. This will ensure that even if a burglar is able to access the safe, it will stay locked and they won’t be able to steal your firearms. Relockers are pins that release when there is an attack on the safe. The only way to get the safe open once the relockers have activated is to drill into the safe. When looking at locks, you need to decide if you prefer to have a digital keypad or a traditional, rotary-style dial lock. Digital locks are quick and easy to use, but they can end up with mechanical problems, whereas rotary locks are built to work properly for many years. Fire Resistance Whether you only have one firearm or you have a big collection, you need to know that your guns are going to be safe in the event of a fire. It is worth it to spend a bit more to get a gun safe that is resistant to fire. Another option is to fire-proof your safe yourself. Not only can you keep your guns safe from damage when the gun safe is resistant to fire, this is also a place where you can store important documents, jewelry, and other items you want to protect. Learn more about your options by consulting companies like Wholesale Racking Australia T/As Office...

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