Invited To A Baby Shower? 4 Items To Include In A Gift Hamper For The New Mom

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If you've been invited to a baby shower and you go beyond the baby gifts, bring a gift hamper for the new mother. Everyone will bring gifts to celebrate the birth of the new baby. However, not everyone will bring something to celebrate the new mother, which is where the gift hamper comes into the picture. When you design a custom gift hamper for the new mother, you'll be letting her know that she's special. Now that you're creating a custom gift hamper for the new mother, be sure to choose the perfect items. Here are four special items to include in your gift hamper for her.  


Being a new mother can really deplete those energy reserves. Many new mothers experience an increase in appetite after they bring their new baby home, especially if they're breastfeeding. Unfortunately, new mothers don't always have enough time to fix themselves a meal every time they get hungry, which is where a gift hamper filled with healthy snacks comes in handy. To make sure the new mother always has easy access to quick, healthy snacks, fill a gift hamper with fruit, nuts, crackers, and cheese. Don't forget to include some chocolate too. 


New mothers need a way to relax at the end of a busy day. One way to do that is with essential oil candles and diffusers. Essential oil candles can be used in the bathroom to create the perfect environment to relax before bed. Diffusers can be used throughout the house to provide relaxing and soothing relief. In fact, lavender essential oils can be used to relax the baby before bedtime, as well. 

Gift Cards

If you want to create the perfect gift hamper for a new mother, don't forget the gift cards. One of the great things about gift cards is that you can personalise them for any mother. First, add restaurant and fast food gift cards so that the new mother doesn't need to cook for a few days. Second, add gift cards to some local stores so that the new mother can buy something nice for herself. Finally, add at least one gift card to a local day spa. That way the new mother can get away and relax as soon as the baby is old enough to be left with a sitter. 

Body Lotions

Finally, now that you're putting together a custom gift hamper for a new mother, be sure to include plenty of body lotions. It's not uncommon for new mothers to experience dry, flaky skin. Body lotions can help to refresh and rehydrate dry skin.