4 Gifts To Encourage A Sick Friend

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If you have a friend who's working through an illness, you may feel helpless as you see them suffering. It's natural to want to take their pain away, but there's often very little other people can do to contribute to a person's journey back to health. What you can do is encourage your friend during this dark time in their life by giving them a gift that will support them in a practical way or simply lift their spirits on a particularly bad day. Here are four gift ideas for encouraging a sick friend:


Illness can leave you stuck indoors, so sending your friend a bright bouquet of flowers is a good way of bringing some natural beauty into their home. This is an especially fitting gift if they are a fan of scenic walks or outdoor pursuits and are missing getting out and experiencing all the season has to offer. Choose flowers that are in season and ensure their favourite colours are included in the bouquet to let them know you really thought about them as a person when you ordered their bouquet. A florist shop like Flowers Of Paradise can help you put together the perfect bouquet for your friend and even deliver it for you if you'd like.

A Meal

Illness can strip you of your usual routine and leave you too tired or sick to cook. Additionally, frequent hospital appointments and the side effects of prescription medication or recovering from surgery can make shopping for and preparing healthy meals the last thing on your mind. Preparing a homemade meal or two for your friend is a very practical way of supporting them during a difficult time. Make something they can freeze if they don't feel like eating when you deliver the meal to them, as this will ensure they have something healthy to thaw and reheat on a tough day.

Themed Gift Basket

Nights in tend to go hand-in-hand with sickness, so consider making your friend a movie night or pamper night gift basket to turn a mundane evening into a fun or relaxing one. Items such as a new film, luxurious moisturiser, a book by their favourite author, a revitalising face mask, and a scented candle are sure to be appreciated.

Cleaning Voucher

Much like grocery shopping and cooking, being sick can leave you too drained to keep up your usual cleaning routine. This can be discouraging if you have to spend a lot of your time at home and it's not being maintained to your usual high standards. Why not save your friend from feeling down about their home environment by gifting them a voucher to have the whole house cleaned? This can make them feel a bit better about being stuck indoors, and they won't be worrying about how behind they are with the housework for a while.

These are just a few examples of gifts that can really make a difference to your friend's day and let them know you're thinking about them. When choosing a gift, remember to make it personal and relevant by keeping your friend's personality, passions and likes in mind.